Yonex Dutch Open Experience

Experience the Yonex Dutch Open in a unique way with the Yonex Dutch Open Experience! The competition hall of Maaspoort Den Bosch will be converted into an Experience Center for, for example, company presentations, workshops or meetings. In addition, the room is decorated with badminton related attributes to give it a real badminton sauce.

Yonex Dutch Open Experience in short (possible from 21 to 27 October)

  • Reception up to 30 people
  • Up to 2 hours maximum
  • Including coffee, tea, soft drinks and a mini Bossche Bol

There are 3 basic packages, but a package can also be customized. You have the Fast, Sporty and Social package.
Fixed components of each package are:

  • Reception with mini Bossche Bol
  • Including coffee, tea, water
  • Substantive presentation about the Yonex Dutch Open from an event manager of Maaspoort Den Bosch
  • Look behind the scenes & guided tour

More info & contact
Interested? Please contact Bart Mees from Maaspoort Den Bosch, b.mees@s-hertogenbosch.nl